Worker Compensation Under Florida Employment Law – Learn More About It

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Working in Florida has certain advantages for its workers, which may be the reason why workers of Florida do not normally seek greener pastures in other States of the USA.

If you injure yourself in the course of employment in Florida, you need to report it immediately to the employer, or, within 30 days of the accident. Note the words: “in the course of employment” carefully.

The employer then in turn has to inform the insurance company of the accident within seven days of your notifying the employer. If the employer does not do so, you can directly inform the insurance company and seek assistance from the Employee Assistance Office.

As for the expenses of the medical treatment for the injury sustained during the course of employment (note these words carefully), the medical services provider would give you a form which you fill and sign, and the provider certifies it, and off it goes to the insurance company for payment. You don’t pay. The insurance company pays.


But if you don’t take the steps outlined above, you pay! So watch out!

Watch out also for this: Under Florida’s employment law you are paid ONLY if you are disabled for a minimum of 7 days or more due to the injury. If it is more than that say 3 weeks or more, then the whole period of disability, including the 7 day exclusion period, is paid for by the insurance company.

That takes care of medical aid. Now to compensation for your absence from the workplace.

This is rather a complicated system, and can be quite confusing to the layperson. Therefore, it is described here in a very broad and general manner. A mixture of formulae is used to calculate on the amount of compensation you would get. Broadly speaking, you will get two checks in a month of approximately 66 and 2/3 per cent of your average wage per week. No tax is required to be paid, except when you go back to work, even if it be light duty! In that case, the IRS would ask for its share of the pie! Normally, your first payment should reach you by three weeks from the date of you report the injury to the employer.

The Employment Law of Florida is quite comprehensive, and takes care of the needs of the workers in its State quite well. Should you be interested in finding about the various plans, the state of play, and the procedure, then all you have to do is to look it up on the net, or contact the Financial Services Department of Florida.
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