Why does Minnesota employment law protect the employer instead of the employee?

I was resently let go from my position. I was accused of things that didn’t happen but being that the report came from a female. I had no recourse. The MN lawyers say that it doesn’t matter what I say or did the law protects the employer and women.

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3 Responses to “Why does Minnesota employment law protect the employer instead of the employee?”

  1. Seano Says:

    You do not have the right to lifetime employment with any company. If a company wants to fire you they can, just move on and get another job. If you are valuable to the company and create more wealth than what they pay you then they will most likely keep you. If they can replace you easily then you have little job security. Always work harder than they pay you to and provide the company with a greater return than expected and they will always keep you.

    What if you were suddenly offered another job making much more money but the company wouldn’t let you leave for 3 months and you lost that opportunity. Right to work is also a right to be fired.

    Get a new job and move on.

  2. Kraig P Says:

    I had the same thing happen in Minnesota, AHHHHHHHH
    I was also denied Unenmployment because of "Cause".
    MN is an "Employment at Will" state and the rules are stacked sharply against the employee.
    on a side note after I talked with my former employer after about 3 years and he said that he couldn’t believe that they actually denied me unemployment benefits just because he claimed that I lied.

  3. jurydoc Says:

    Without more specifics, your question is impossible to answer. For the most part, employment is "at will" and anyone can be let go for virtually any reason or no reason at all.