Who normally handles employment law issues within corporations?

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    4 Responses to “Who normally handles employment law issues within corporations?”

    1. Judy Says:

      Corporations generally have in-house legal staffs. The senior HR people are also very familiar with employment law and handle most issues.

      If there is a lawsuit, it wouldn’t be unusual for outside counsel to be retained.

    2. Squat1 Says:

      Normally coordinated by Human Resourcs who may or may not have legal representation on staff. Depends upon the situation, H.R. may handle or secure outside legal.

      In any event, normally corrdinated by H.R.

    3. CatLaw Says:

      Depends on the corporation.

      In some there are people in the HR dept who are licensed attorneys that specialize in employment law.

      In some corps the in house legal dept will handle the employment legal issues — because employment law is getting more complex this dept may hire an outside counsel (attorney who is not an employee) just for this type of work.

      Smaller corps and many medical institutions hire a "all services" company that handles ALL of their HR work including legal stuff (which is not necessarily done by an attorney). Corps can get an employment law firm on retainer to routinely look at employment stuff or hire the firm when then need the assistance.

    4. Mary B Says:

      The HR department, however, keep in mind that the HR department is not there to serve you…it is to protect the company FROM you.

      Be careful of what you say…they are not your friends.