where can i find information about employment law in florida?

my husband has been laid off and want to know what kind of rules apply.

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    5 Responses to “where can i find information about employment law in florida?”

    1. linkedinrecruiter Says:

      You can find plenty of resources at the link below:
      Once there, you’ll find the following:

      Florida Employment & Labor Code & Related Laws

      * Florida Labor Statutes – Title XXXI.
      * Florida Social Welfare Statutes – Title XXX.
      * Florida Public Officers, Employees, and Records Statutes – Title X.
      * Florida Regulation of Professions and Occupations Statutes – Title XXXII.
      * Search the Florida Statutes
      * Review the Florida Statutes Table of Contents

      Florida Government Employment & Labor Resources

      * Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security
      o Agency for Workforce Innovation
      o Public Employees Relations Commission
      o Unemployment Compensation
      o Workers’ Compensation
      o Workforce Professionals and Partners

      Florida Employment & Labor Law Links

      * Florida Bar Labor and Employment Law Section
      o Labor and Employment Law Certification Committee
      o New Florida State Law Administrative Cases
      o New Florida State Law Employment Cases
      o New Florida State Law Labor Cases
      o Links of Interest
      * Beyond Noncompete Agreements: Using Florida’s Trade Secrets Act to Prevent Former Employees From Disclosing Sensitive Information to Competitors
      * Bulletproofing the Workplace: Symbol and Substance in Employment Discrimination Law Practice – Susan Bisom-Rapp, 26 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. (1999) (PDF format).
      * Central Florida Law on the Web: Employment Law
      * Employment Law Central: Florida
      * Florida Chamber of Commerce
      * Florida Employee Benefits Law
      * Florida Employer Legal Links
      * Florida Employment Law
      * Florida Employment Law Letter
      * Florida Employment Law: Management
      * Florida Employment Law Questions and Answers For Employers
      * Florida Labor Law
      * Florida’s Child Labor Law
      * Florida’s "Employment At Will" Doctrine
      * Florida Workers’ Compensation Defense Law
      * Florida Workers’ Compensation Reporter
      * Florida Workers’ Compensation Law
      * Florida Workforce-related Legislation
      * Guide to Sites for Florida Jobs, Employment and Career Information
      * Holland & Knight Employment Law Alert – Florida Employment law-based alerts.
      * Holland & Knight Employment Law Letter – Monthly newsletter about Florida Employment Law.
      * Internet Misuse in the Florida Workplace: A Lawyer’s Primer
      * Love Beneath the (Docket) Sheets: Office Romance and Florida Sexual Discrimination Law
      * Orlando Florida Employment Law Links
      * Reasonable Accommodation or Nuisance? Service Animals for the Disabled in Florida
      * The Right to Cross-Examine Physicians in Social Security Disability Cases – Victor G. Rosenblum, 26 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. (1999) (PDF format).
      * Sexual Harassment Call-A-Law Script – From the Florida State Bar.
      * Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Consumer Pamphlet – From the Florida State Bar.
      * State of Florida.com Employment & Labor Page
      * What if I am Injured at Work? Workers’ Compensation Call-A-Law Script – From the Florida State Bar.
      * Whose Burden Is it, Anyway?: The 11th Circuit’s Evolving Standard for "Burden-Shifting" in Employment Discrimination Cases
      * Workforce Florida

    2. wildrover Says:

      The law library,employment lawyers,human resource branches or just internet search it. Peace.

    3. Bertrand G Says:

      type in "employment law" into your search engine, or try this link:

    4. Stewiesgal Says:


    5. extremenerd Says:

      The State of Florida has an employment resource guide dealing with the legal aspects (as well as job-hunting assistance). http://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=10

      Hope this helps!