Where can I find employment contracts for my employees (waitresses and cashiers)?

I need a typical contract for employees at my restaurant, where can I find this resource?

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3 Responses to “Where can I find employment contracts for my employees (waitresses and cashiers)?”

  1. duder Says:

    any contract that you have should be read by an attorney first anyways. You can just have an attorney draft a contract for you.

    Much easier.

  2. dcgirl Says:

    It’s pretty uncommon for waitresses and cashiers to have an actual contract. You might be better off writing an employee handbook that outlines all of your rules and policies, and having each employee sign that they recieved the handbook. Then you can prove that they were provided the rules if you ever need to, but do it in a way that’s a little more in line with the rest of the industry.

  3. Desu D Says:

    I had seen many site for such contracts but I would like you to prefer

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