What should i buy from the jack wills sale?

Jack Wills are finally having a sale, so now i can afford some of their clothes, 😉 I want to get something with the name on, like a hoodie or a teeshirt, but i dont know what to get?
Any suggestions or Links to pictures 😉 ?


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4 Responses to “What should i buy from the jack wills sale?”

  1. Hannah Says:

    whatever looks good on you!

  2. xoxo gossip girl Says:

    get one of the hoodies, or the trackies 🙂 there reallly nice 🙂

  3. Aaron B Says:

    Whatever you like

  4. madasahatter Says:

    Wow that stuff is still way to expensive. And it looks just like Abercormbie. I would say just get a t-shirt or cute dress, but I also don’t think you should waste your money there.