What questions do they ask for the polygraph pre-employment law enforcement screenings?

Just wondering if I should start looking to another career field.

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5 Responses to “What questions do they ask for the polygraph pre-employment law enforcement screenings?”

  1. double07alpha Says:

    Most of the time before you are subject to a polygraph with a law enforcement agency, you have filled out a questionnaire with questions such as drug use, un-deteced crimes you have committed, have you ever been fired, and so on. The polygraph is another way to compare the answers that you gave them previously (probably at least 3 months ago) to check your integrity.

  2. NONE Y Says:

    There are no specify questions because polygraph (lie detective test) are only use to record whether you answer any question truthfully basic on your body function response.

  3. birdsnakecatharine Says:

    Go for it unless you’ve done something really bad.
    In national intelligence, it’s mostly about what you’ve done that you could be blackmailed about.

  4. william_milton2003 Says:

    Yes, there are standard questions. Mostly concerning info. that you provided on your application concerning past disciplinary actions, reasons for leaving past jobs, stealing from past employers. All of this leading into past drug use, possession of and selling of drugs, etc.

  5. fr_chuck Says:

    In ours we normally just go over the basic questions on the application. Basicly work history, and criminal actions. including specific about prior drug use