What is the purpose of one year employment contract?

Ok here’s a thing? I was given an offer to sign a one year contract of an IT company. It was actually my first time to have that kind of contract because normally in our country the contract is just for six months then will be evaluated after that for regularization. Its weird tha this company is offering a one year contract. the reason? well they’ll be investing training for me. And they have a pre termination fee for the contract.

Anyone can enlighten me? Should I sign it?

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2 Responses to “What is the purpose of one year employment contract?”

  1. TNT Says:

    Sign it only if you want a job.

  2. WS Says:

    1 year employment contract is very common in IT industry. Yes, a 6 month review to evaluate your performance and assessing whether they want you after the current contract expires. IT industry is fast changing and the companies are not interested to keep people under long term employment just in case their staff are not up to the required standard of performance.