What is the process for correcting living wills and trusts?

I paid for a service which pre-populated it, and I just need to make a couple corrections. Can I just cross out, change and initial, or do I need an entirely new document. I haven’t yet had the documents notorized.
Also, can the person who notorizes it also be named as a successor trustee or guardian?

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3 Responses to “What is the process for correcting living wills and trusts?”

  1. coragryph Says:

    Generally, it’s not a good idea to have someone serve double duty, like being both a notary and a trustee or guardian. While it may or may not be legal in your state, it often causes problems.

    As far as making changes, your best bet is to re-create the document from scratch, with the changes you want. Cross-outs are another area where, even if not actually invalid, often cause problems.

  2. classick_magick Says:

    If it hasnt been notorized, just start over. You actually dont need to pay anyone to do them for you. You can download living wills, trust, Power of Attorney forms from the internet and then have someone notorize them for you.

  3. sexy_twin_mom Says:

    you can get living will and power of attorney forms from any hospital and fill them out.
    they have to be witnessed or notorized or both in some states. the witness cannot be family member,health care worker, or beneficiary of will.
    also they living will only kicks in if the illness is terminal……if you chose not to have life support in the living will but you need it for an illness or injry that you will recover from you will still get it….it only applies to an illness or injury that you wont recover from.