What happens if I back out from an employment contract before my first working day with them?

If I sign an employment contract 30 days before my first working day, can I still back out in between those 30 days?
wow thanks for your responses everyone! 🙂

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5 Responses to “What happens if I back out from an employment contract before my first working day with them?”

  1. Bigdada63 Says:

    Yes you can,hope you read your contract,when you signed it??YOU could be up for breach,of contract which can leave you,open for a lot of expense..Possibly up to 25% of your agreed salary,
    also they can ask for,you to contribute to their costs in finding someone,to replace you..
    Good luck,hope everything goes well for you..

  2. Black_Rabbit Says:

    Sure you can.. But there are consequences.. as stated in the contract you signed..
    They’ll probably ask you to pay a certain amount.. or the very least.. have you blacklisted from their company.

  3. Posleen Killer Says:

    keyword is contract. you break that contract they can sue you. and that will have serious repercussions for later employment.

  4. Zeldo Says:

    Strictly speaking no, you signed the contract they can come after you for compensation. However in practice they will probably not do this as it is not worth the hassle for them. Also they do not want an employee who does not want to work with them. One thing to note though is by doing this your reputation may take a hit, which can be a big issue if your sector is quite small.

  5. Budd Says:

    If you signed a legally binding contract, they essentially own you. Your only hope is to convince them you would be a bad employee and make them break the contract, in which case they will have to pay you off. Call them up and tell them you forgot to mention you have uncontrollable and constant flatulence. Tell them that you have four young hyperactive children that must accompany you everywhere, even to work. Get creative, this shouldn’t be too hard.