What are the best sources for finding employment in law enforcement?

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    6 Responses to “What are the best sources for finding employment in law enforcement?”

    1. Susie K Says:

      your state’s law enforcement website

    2. longhunter17692002 Says:

      the fbi’s web site

    3. crime_scene223 Says:

      you might wanna think about this 1st…

    4. VanWinkle Says:

      First consider what your own law enforcement image is. Do you want to be a police officer? Work for a state or federal agency? There are really hundreds of opportunities and all of them have on going recruiting processes. If you’d like to work as an officer in the area of your residence, go to their city hall or police department to view job announcement and career offers. It all begins with an application and test taking.

    5. SevenPoints_7 Says:

      Find a city you want to work for and go to thier Police Department’s web page.

    6. yankeechik Says:

      Contact your Local Law Enforcement Office.