What are the benefit of "at-will" employment?

I am just trying to see what is so great about "at-will" employment. You accept a job with certain responsibilities, certain hours and an agreed compensation. As an employee you must fulfill your obligation to come to work and do your job as you agreed or you will be terminated BUT your employer at anytime can change your hours, your pay or your responsibilities and your only recourse is to quit. Why is this considered a better alternative to employment contracts?

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4 Responses to “What are the benefit of "at-will" employment?”

  1. Non-Redneck Says:

    It’s mainly better for the business. The only benefit to you is that you can quit at will without worrying about them suing you for violating a contact.

  2. Jeff Says:

    For the employee, not much. But good luck finding a better offer.

    For the employer, it’s a great plan.

  3. Darryl b Says:

    at will employment is what it is. the bad part of the at will deal:
    the employer can come in and say sorry but we dont need you any longer and that is that.
    you also get to say i dont want to work here and leave with out giving 2 weeks notice.
    the employer will always come out on top because if you list them as a refference they can say that they do not consider you for re employment. this will be based on you leaving without giving them notice. this is also weird because you should be able to do that in the at will status

  4. bad_zen Says:

    It’s better than indentured servitude!