Redundancy Laws and how it might apply to me..see text below for more details?

I work for a company based in the UK that is split in too, Company A is factory staff. Company B is traveling staff and is making 19 redundancies, everyone in company B is affected and a few from Company A (55people in total) all have been given 30 days consultation, and a new company structure of 33 jobs has been released. Everyone has to re-apply for a job. My job is no longer listed in the new struture but most aspects will be covered by other job descriptions, however some of it will require another body to travel and fulfill certain tasks required, this is unclear how it is to be done. The answer I got was it will be supported by factory staff, when I asked how they thought a factory member could travel away for a proposed 60 days as well as do their own job the answer was it will be split between 4 people. I do not feel any of the other jobs listed in the new struture would suit me, and I do not wish to apply for voluntary redundancy I would want that to be a company decision. If I do not apply for a position or tick the box asking about voluntary redundancy where do I stand… many thanks

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