Question about Certification of employment law in the Philippines.?

Does an owner of company has the right not to give his/her employee their certification, though they worked for their company for 8 months, but they do not have a contract signing.

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    One Response to “Question about Certification of employment law in the Philippines.?”

    1. jose o Says:

      If the employee can provide any proof of employment such as documents, employee handbook, company guidelines, rules, and policies, especially signed documents, etc., then the company does not have the right to deny proof of employment for their employees.

      It’s actually the company’s obligation to report to the government for any and all employees on payroll. This helps the Philippine government keep track of income employees are receiving and how much tax they should pay every year.

      If you have proof of employment, the company can get in really big trouble on requiring to pay back taxes and penalties. Especially for benefits they may have been entitled to.

      Good luck!