Pre Employment Law: An Overview

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Do you work in Fort Myers? If yes, then you need to have some idea about the employment law of Fort Myers. Knowing the law will help you to protect your rights. Florida government has introduced law to protect employees from hostile work environment. If the employer does any kind of injustice to you, you are given the right by the law to sue your employer.

If your right is being denied or you are being treated unfairly or you are being terminated from the job unreasonably, you can count on an employment lawyer. Your lawyer will make sure that you are being treated fairly in the court.

Though hiring a Fort Myers Employment Attorney is essential, you should also have some idea about Fort Myers employment law, so that you can understand whether you are being treated fairly or not.


Pre Employment Law

It is believed that the most qualified applicant will get the job, but it is not always true because an employer needs to consider several things before hiring an employee. Besides qualification, there are other things that an employer finds in an employee. At the same time it is also true that the personal characteristics of an employee can not influence the hiring decision, especially if those qualities are not related to the job, the person is applying for. Some of these characteristics are:

Sexual Orientation
National Origin

Employer can not even ask questions that are related to the personal characteristics of the interviewee. Some of the questions that the interviewer can not ask include:

Where was the person (interviewee) born?
Is he or she married?
Whether the interviewee is planning to get married?
Does he or she have children?
Is he or she planning to have children?
What is the sexual orientation of the interviewee?
Whether he or she has been arrested ever?

However if the personal characteristics of a person are directly related to his or her job role, the interviewer is allowed to ask certain questions such as:

If the interviewee has work permit to do a job in Fort Myers?
Does the interviewee have planned to work in Fort Myers for a long time?
If the prospective employee has ever been convicted of a crime?

Knowing the information will be beneficial for you as it will help you to understand whether you are being treated fairly.



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