Ohio has an at-will employment law. Where can I go to seek legal help against firing practices.?

My employer fired me specifying "Just Cause" as a reason. Personally it was due to my supervisor not liking me, insecurity, and jealousy. Where can I seek legal help for the unwarranted firing?

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6 Responses to “Ohio has an at-will employment law. Where can I go to seek legal help against firing practices.?”

  1. michr Says:

    you are "at-will" neither employer or employee has legal recourse unless discrimination or retaliation is involved.
    what you have stated is not even close to discrimination or retaliation.

    where the "just cause" comes into play is in denying you unemployment insurance benefits. if you can prove that there was not just cause for your termination then you may qualify for unemployment benefits (if you meet all the other criteria)

  2. Judy Says:

    You can’t overturn it, but you might be able to appeal for unemployment comp if that was denied.

  3. Shane Says:

    Unfortunately no where. That is the beautiful law of employment at will (sucks!) Unless you can prove you were terminated due to a discriminatory reason (age, religion, sex, etc… anything under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or amended Act) you have no legal recourse.

  4. Jay L Says:

    you can’t employment at will means that you or the employer can terminate the relationship for any reason at any time

    apply for unemployment

    good luck

  5. bdancer222 Says:

    Even if your employer had told you that you were being terminated because he didn’t like you and was jealous, you would still have not grounds. There is no such thing as "unwarranted firing".

  6. danny14551 Says:

    You can’t. "Just Cause" is a legally acceptable term when firing in an at will state