Nevada employment law question, Vacation Pay due to me?

I have worked for over a year, I have not taken vacation time or even sick time off. I have earned a weeks vacation. I have given notice of my intent to terminate my employment. Don’t they still owe me a weeks vacation?

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One Response to “Nevada employment law question, Vacation Pay due to me?”

  1. Pam Says:

    Yes, based on your description and the assumption that over the past year you have earned 1 week’s vacation (and that it didn’t go away at the turn of the new year), you are owed vacation.

    Some companies accrue vacation each pay period and it never goes away. Others are on a strictly annual basis…when Jan 1 rolls around, the old year’s vacation goes away and the new year’s vacation kicks in (and if you leave, you owe it back if you haven’t earned it yet).