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Most of us have to work for a living and consequently we spend a large proportion of our time in our places of work. On the whole this time can be rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying. Some people relish their work while others treat it as one of life’s necessities. Love or hate our jobs, employment law protects us and decrees that we all have the right to feel safe in the workplace and to be treated fairly. But what happens when a grievance in the workplace is not dealt with sufficiently?

If you think that you’ve been treated unfairly at work then why not speak to a specialist in Employment Law? London has many such legal experts, so with the right questions you should be able to find the best Employment Solicitor London has to offer you.

When You Should Contact Employment LawSolicitors

Do you think that you’ve been treated unfairly at work and need some guidance in Employment Law? London naturally has a larger concentration of legal experts but you can get expert advice from specialists all around the country. Your chosen employment law solicitors will be able to advise you if your case can be classed as unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal. If so, you may be eligible for compensation.


What Do Employment Law Solicitors Do?

Generally solicitors specialising in employment law, London based or anywhere in the UK, deal with any case of wrong doing in the workplace. They will have a comprehensive knowledge of contractual rights and will be able to advise on any individual employment grievance. Amongst other cases employment law solicitors deal with:

Unfair dismissal: When an employee is dismissed for no fair reason or an unfair reason, or when an employer has not followed the company’s dismissal procedures.

Constructive dismissal: When an employer’s behaviour and conduct make staying in a job impossible; and when a serious breach of contract has occurred.

Wrongful dismissal: When terms of an employee’s contract have been broken.

Choosing the Right Employment Law Solicitors for Your Case

It’s important to choose the right expert for your case. If your workplace is in London then choose an expert in employment law, London based with experience in similar cases to yours. Ask your employment law solicitors for evidence of past cases and take time to read all testimonialss. Choosing the best expert in employment law London can offer will ensure justice is done, and the right outcome is achieved.

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