Legal definition of "Competitive Organization" – with respect to employment contracts?

I recently moved positions and have received a letter outlining that I have moved to a "Competitive Organization" and am as such bound by a Confidentiality and non-Compete agreement. Now I am a law abiding citizen with good moral character and as such have no intention of breaching either one of those.

My main interest here is that I didn’t think I would be considered to be at a "Competitive Organization"!? There is a small overlap in products, but the previous company is a multi-national, .5+ billion company dealing in vast quantities of material (metric tons) – the new company doesn’t even have million in sales and is 10 people in a single site, making unique things on a very small scale (g-Kg). Additionally, the new company does many things the other company would never do simply because of small size/value/ROI etc… In actuality the new company BUYS small quantities from the old company!

Does this seem like a reasonable comparison? Looking for some legal perspectives.

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One Response to “Legal definition of "Competitive Organization" – with respect to employment contracts?”

  1. carla Says:

    From a legal prospective it’s like this, You may have a skill, training or any operational procedures that was given to you by the previous company you worked for that now you are using or implementing in this new company. example you were in sales before, now you are also involve in sales, which means you might be sharing the prospective clients with them. You know whats eating them up, I don’t believe you don’t have any clue. Same whats important is what you should do. Get/secure a company certificate from your present employer stating your job description and how you are functioning for this job. talk to your legal council about it co use it might get you to court,. come up front and explain your side. carla Philippines