Legal Aid and Employment Law

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Employers and employees of all businesses should know what legal aid is available for them. Legal aid will be able to give the best advice about various employment law issues where it is possible to make a claim, whether it will be successful or not, and general guidance and information on areas of employment law that some may find confusing. Employees will be given different legal to that of employers.

Legal aid for employers

As you do not need any grasp of employment law to start up a business, the majority of employers do not understanding how employment law works. The reason for this is that employers are expected to pick it up employment law as they go along. However, the major problem with this method is that all employers can be held liable, under employment law, by their employees. A Legal aid solicitor will be able to help inform employers about how employment law works and explain where they could be held liable by their employees or where their employees would be liable.


Legal aid for employees

Legal aid is also very useful for the employees if some kind of dispute arises. It is common that most employees are unaware of the various areas of their duties where they could have the right to claim against their employer. Most employee rights can be found in their employment contracts, but there are several other areas of legislation that state how employers cannot treat their employees. Legal aid will tends to be required when an employee needs to understand their rights in order to take legal action against their employer. Legal aid can assist employees in disputes against their employees for the following reasons:

• Redundancy

• Working hours

• Discrimination

• Data protection

• Minimum wage

• Unfair dismissal

• Maternity issues

• Disciplinary procedures

The list is almost endless and very few employees will know their rights for each area and how to tackle the problem if their rights are breached. Legal aid solicitors are extremely useful to ensuring that an employee’s case will be successful.

Employment contracts

Employment contracts between an employer and employees should contain all terms and conditions which state the rights, duties and responsibilities of both the employer and employee. A detailed and well written contract will help to ensure that if any legal disputes arise, the dispute can be sorted out properly. A legal aid solicitor will be required to create, change and deal with a dispute of employment contracts. Without legal aid helping with employment contracts, it would become a much more difficult process.


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