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Employment law is a very huge and complex system of the law, its regulations and provisions are in a constantly changing. Almost everyone will at some point need to seek legal advice regarding their employment, they will need to know their rights and what the procedures to take. Employment law advice will mainly be needed for the following reasons:

• Contracts of Employment

These are contracts drawn up between employee and employer that explains in details the terms and conditions of the employment, including employee and employer rights and responsibilities. Many employees will need to seek legal advice about their contracts to ensure it has been correctly drawn up and agreed upon.

• Employee Rights

These are stated in various legislations, such as the sexual harassment act, the equal pay act and the employment rights act. If an employee feels their employment rights have been breached they are entitled to bring a claim against their employer. Legal advice would be essential to endure that a claim went through smoothly.


• Employment Tribunals

It is possible to take employers to an employment tribunal to make a claim against them, if an employee feels their rights have been breached. Again this would be a lot easier with help from a solicitor.

• Redundancy
If an employee is made redundant because their position no longer needed, but then someone else takes their position, a claim could be made as the redundancy was unnecessary.

• Unfair and Constructive dismissal

Unfair dismissal is based on whether or not the employer had a good enough reason dismiss their employee and whether the correct procedures were taken in the process. If it is found that they were dismissed for an unfair reason a claim can be made. Constructive dismissal is where the employee feels they have been forced to resigning because of harassment, victimisation or being humiliated by other members of staff or employers. Legal advice would be very useful in the success of any such claims.

• Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

If an employer is acting in any way discriminatory towards their employees, whether it is based on race, gender, age, religion, etc, then the employee will be able to take their employer to an employment tribunal. When taking an employer to a employment tribunal over discrimination it is always a good idea to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

There are several more rights employee has that could require legal advice, anything from minimum wage to holiday pay. Whatever the issue you should always ensure you get proper legal advice from a specialist solicitor to ensure you make use of employment your rights.


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