Kansas Employment Law: Is it illegal to work for two different grocery stores?

My daughter works at a very small health food co-op in one town and recently got a job at a chain grocery store in a neighboring town. The chain told her she’d have to quit her co-op job due to a KS law stating you can’t work in two different grocery stores.

I could see this as a store policy, but is it really a law?

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3 Responses to “Kansas Employment Law: Is it illegal to work for two different grocery stores?”

  1. Mom of 2 Says:

    I do not see where this is a law. The store could have a written policy and also may have a non-compete clause in the offer letter your daughter may have received from either company, in which case, she can not work for both at the same time. I would ask the chain to provide you with the statue number so you can review it for yourself (I have a feeling they won’t be able to) Here is the link for Kansas workplace laws. http://www.dol.ks.gov/es/html/wagepay_DEE.html

  2. blktan23 Says:

    i think it is only a store policy. b ut one they can legally have.

  3. lenny Says:

    i am sending you some website that might be useful i know the store i work at now doesn’t allow another grocery store job it is store rule and common sense. but it will allow to work anywhere else and have them as a second job i hope i help even a little good luck and i hope we all give good answers.