JACK WILLS TOP washing it and how logn do they last?

I have just bought a Jack Wills t-shirt and it cost me £34. I bought it like with the cracks in the letters cos’ that’s how they all were. My mum has washed it once carefully by hand. What would happen if i put it in the washing machine. I don’t think i will risk it but does anyone put theres in the washing machine? How long do they last before they start looking old and the letters wearing away? Do your letters have cracks in?

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One Response to “JACK WILLS TOP washing it and how logn do they last?”

  1. vintage.dreamingx Says:

    yeah i just put mine in the washing machine and it doesn’t really look old or anything. now you mention it mine does have cracks in it but everyone else i know puts them in the washing machine too. it should tell you on the label or failing that you could go back to the shop and ask them, the staff are really friendly!

    i’ve had mine since april