Is there an employment law voilation?

My employer closed our office at the holidays to save on expenses (Electrical, labor, water,AC..ect), as we were very slow. We were asked to take vacation/sick days. However, this is becoming a once a month event now for 5-10 days at a time. We were told to us our vacation time once more or we would not get paid. Most of us do not have enough vacation or have already requested our vacation for the upcomming year and are now being bullied into not talking it. Are their any specific laws that would apply to assist the employees?

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2 Responses to “Is there an employment law voilation?”

  1. Pengy Says:

    File for unemployment get your waiting week in they are saying use vacation so you get paid for the week. So now you have an option file and go without pay for that week, but the next time it happens you can collect

  2. MSAD Says:

    If your employer is taking those steps…it’s because they financially have to. It’s likely this is a step they are taking to try and avoid shutting down or firing people.

    So you either suck it up and accept it or try and find a job somewhere else.

    Can you force your employer to be open those days? Probably not. And if you could….you can’t stop your employer from closing down permanently and going out of business.

    In my humble opinion–cut back hours is better than no job at all.