Is there a maximum age for redundancy payments?

My father-in-law is about to be made redundant and was told by a collegue that due to his age of 74 he will get nothing. He worked for the company since 1965 but when he reached 65 he re-appplied for his job and has worked for them for the past nine years. So my question is really, is there a maximum age that an employer will not pay after it is reached?

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  1. geddesclan Says:

    There used to be a limit of 65 for people claiming redundancy payment, but as of 1 OCt 2006 this was no longer the case. There is, however a restrictionh on the maximum amount he can be paid. Also make sure he is not being discriminated for by being over 65, or he might have a case to take them to court.

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