Is it smart to leave federal employment for law firm?

I work for the federal courts as a case manager and a local big law firm is offering a lot more money to work as a paralegal. The benefits are great and they have MORE opportunities for advancement.

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7 Responses to “Is it smart to leave federal employment for law firm?”

  1. Marie Says:

    Another thing to consider…billable hours. Try writing down everything you do for your entire day, in 6 minute increments, AND consider that each of those tasks has to be billable to a client (and not a clerical function that needs to be written off). See if you can hit close to 6 hours each day, consistently, and you might be able to bill 1300-1400/year. What does the firm require?

    It’s a hard habit to get into.

  2. golferwhoworks Says:

    why are you still there?

  3. pathfinder Says:

    It all boils down to how big of a risk the new job is. You will have to weigh the pros and cons and take your chances that your decision will be the right one.

  4. Earl D Says:

    Yes, it can.

    They want you because you have "inside" knowledge of how the system works and they expect you to HELP THEM do their job better with your experience.

    A friend of mind was a Paralegal (3 years college and then working his way up) and he worked for Insurance Companies fighting Workman’s Comp claim and after 7 years he went over to the other side!

    He makes more than $50k a year, the starting salary of a lawyer.

    If he got a law degree, he’s probably make over $100K a year.

    Why? He has 14 years expereience on BOTH sides of the court room!

  5. KC V Says:

    Benefits for federal employees are also very good. You don’t state what part of the federal government you work for however you do have a decent retirement at twenty years versus twenty five in many civilian governmental agencies. Many federal employees also benefit from medical and insurance programs not available to civilians. If the law firm provides retirement and the other stated federal benefits that are equal to or greater than the fed job….time to move on!

  6. Synchronic_2006 Says:

    Do your research. Make certain the move is a wise one.

    what are the benefits like at this law firm? How long have they been in business are they well established? what type of benefits does the law firm offer that the federal job does not? AND what type of benefits does your federal job offer that the law firm does not? Once you’ve made a list of pros and cons go from there.

    It may be a smart move or it may not be, all depending on what your research digs up. Sounds to me like you’ve already done the research. Best of luck!

  7. matt s Says:

    Fed jobs normally have a good retirement benefits that you won’t find at other jobs.