Is it crass and common for Zara to have her wedding so close to Wills'?

Is there no decorum, no propriety, no self-restraint anymore.

I just think it is dead common, trying to steal Will’s and Kate’s thunder.

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    12 Responses to “Is it crass and common for Zara to have her wedding so close to Wills'?”

    1. Mary Says:

      How do you figure she is going to "steal the thunder" from him and his bride?

      I don’t think a lot of people are going to pay any attention.

    2. The Dark Side Says:

      Think what you like. We don’t even know when Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall have set the date for – as they probably haven’t, having only announced the engagement this week. There is no thunder to be stolen anyway – Zara is a minor royal, and her wedding, like her brother’s, will undoubtedly be a low-key family affair. Peter Phillips marrying Autumn Kelly didn’t make much of a stir and nor will it this time round.

    3. TSK Says:

      I do not believe she is trying to steal the limelight. She is one of the best of the bunch and they seem a nice couple. Weddings come along like buses in families, just like the grand kids.

    4. Maxi Says:

      Why on earth should she be concerned about her cousin getting married…it will be a private family/friends, real wedding, good luck to her, she is like her mum doesn’t take notice of what you or others think, gets on with her life and will do as she wants…shame a few of the others are not like her.

    5. flyingbug Says:

      Froom what I’ve read, Zara’s Wales cousins aren’t upset in the least. They’re quite happy for her.

      And while there is a date set for William’s wedding, there isn’t one yet for Zara’s.

    6. Maj Hewitt's Equestrian Acad Says:

      It is an absolute disgrace that she plans to rain on His Majesty’s parade in this fashion.

      She should be reminded of her lowly place, forthwith.

    7. Kevin7 Says:

      I do not think so

    8. Nora Says:

      i see no problem

    9. Syntinen Laulu Says:

      Given the way they have always tried to avoid the limelight, the probability is that they have seized the chance, while the world’s media are obsessed with the William/Kate wedding, to get married quietly with nobody taking any notice except their own friends and family. Good luck to them! I for one hope they have the nice quiet wedding they want, with nobody bothering them.

    10. boofuswoolie Says:

      BOOFUS suggests that perhaps necessity knows no law.
      … like shotgun …..

    11. Louise C Says:

      I don’t think it matters when they get married. Zara Phillips’s wedding is not going to attract as much attention as Prince William’s, whenever she gets married.

    12. Rico Says:

      There has been no date set for her wedding yet. Her fiancee probably didn’t even know that Wiilaim and Catherine were engaged when he decided to propose anyway.