Is it against the law to refuse employment because of appearance?

Like tattoo’s that aren’t visible, like on the back, but it’s a weed plant.

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7 Responses to “Is it against the law to refuse employment because of appearance?”

  1. Artemis Gwen Says:

    No. It is absolutely not against the law to refuse employment because of tattoos or piercings.

    It would be against the law to refuse to hire someone for a position for which they are qualified based on race, religion, gender, handicapping condition, etc. Tattoos and piercings (considered self-decoration by some, but considered self- mutalization by others) do not create a protected class.

  2. Jay Says:

    You are darned right. Would you hire someone with purple spiked hair to wait on customers? The idea is to attract customers. Not drive them away.

  3. laughter_every_day Says:

    Not in my state. in the u.s., federal law precludes employers from deciding based on race, gender, religion, national origin and sometimes age. Every other form of discrimination is lawful.

  4. Dr. Wigglefarmer Says:

    An employer has every right to refuse someone for any reason they choose, except those that are covered by the EEOC. Tattoos are not a protected class.

  5. Teekno Says:

    No, it’s not against the law to discriminate on appearance.

  6. jakflak Says:

    Of course that’s not illegal. If you have unsightly tattoos and piercings you’re not going to get a job very easily.

  7. Marcris Says:

    (1) How will I know if my appearance is appropriate for
    A Company may have a Dress Code Policy that outlines the
    appropriate dress and grooming for its employees. In most
    circumstances, the dress code policy must apply equally to
    men and women, but it does not have to be identical. For
    example, a dress code that allows female employees to
    wear earrings but not male employees will usually be
    upheld. A Dress Code Policy may legally state the
    • Clothing that is too sexually suggestive is
    not appropriate.
    • Tattoos and body piercing (other than
    earrings) should not be visible.
    • Hair should be clean, combed and neatly
    trimmed or arranged.
    • Facial hair and sideburns should be neatly
    • Employees are expected, depending on their
    work situation, to present a professional,
    businesslike image and attitude when
    dealing with customers and when
    representing the company to the public.