Is it a contravention of employment law to post a religious message on a company bulletin board?

I’m referring to a bulletin board used to post company announcements in a business. It’s not a government entity, but a division of a publicly traded company.

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5 Responses to “Is it a contravention of employment law to post a religious message on a company bulletin board?”

  1. kill_yr_television Says:

    Too many variable to decide. If this bulletin board is government property and dedicated to government business, then it would be a misappropriation of government property to use this bulletin board for personal business like social or religious reasons. If it’s a privately owned business, then the law prohibits discrimination in employment, promotions, and so on, but I’m not aware of any law forbidding either management or employees from using the bulletin board to announce church services, post Biblical quotes, or otherwise use it for personal/religious purposes. However, it is perfectly possible that the employer may have forbid using the bulletin board for any purpose not directly related to carrying out that employer’s business.

    If someone is appropriating company property for religious reasons, and this is affecting your job performance (or the company’s bottom line), then contact your corporate ethics office anonymously. I doubt if there are any laws broken by such a message though.

  2. Tami L Says:

    Absolutely. If anyone continued to post religious material in my business after being warned, they would be fired immediately.

    Religion has no place in the workplace – it is divisive and offensive

  3. Hugh E Says:

    No specific laws relate to bulletin boards in offices as of yet. More than likely the company has a policy governing the use of their equipment including bulletin boards. They may or may not allow personal announcements on their boards. They also probably have an anti-discrimination policy. As such they either have to insist it only be used for business, or allow the use of the board for religious announcements. The only problem they may have is that if it is allowed, then they couldn’t favor one religion over another. So they would have to allow satanists to use the board if they allowed Baptists to use it.

  4. Pfo Says:

    Really depends on the context. I think it’s OK, freedom of speech, you can choose to ignore it, and anyone should be allowed to post anything. If it encourages a productive atmosphere I see no harm, if it detracts from productivity then it has to go.

  5. Beejee Says:

    If you mean that an employee places the material it is one thing but if it’s the Management that is quite another.

    In the first case it could be one for an employee protest to management. In the second it is simply poor management and leaves the employer vulnerable to more than just ‘complaints’.