i lost my copy of employment contract and i want to resign?

what to do? where can i get a copy? is it needed when i am going to resign to my job?i want to cancel my employment visa (limited contract)

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4 Responses to “i lost my copy of employment contract and i want to resign?”

  1. battgirl Says:

    ask a copy from your HR department. They ALWAYS have a copy. the contract always comes in two. one copy for you and the other for your employer.

    and it is not required when you are resigning.

    if you want it to check your conditions on liabilities and entitlements, then seek a copy before you voice your intent of leaving the company.

  2. Aussie Boy Says:

    Your employer should have a copy

  3. anoooni_4_u Says:

    the company have a copy of it too .. maybe the original !!

    and try not to loose any other important documents ..

  4. BabyG Says:

    You dont need it to resign, but yeah, you might need to read it carefully before tendering your resignation letter.

    You cannot cancel you visa. Your employer will cancel for you on the day they you are leaving the country after you resign.