How to contracts and other signed documents work?

I am wondering about the legality of employment contracts. I signed a one year commitment at my employer. I handed the signed contract in. They no longer have copies or the original. How does this work without the physical signatures? Is it even in existence anymore? Also, if the contract is still fully legal without any copies, what happens if I was to quit?

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One Response to “How to contracts and other signed documents work?”

  1. Caoedhen Says:

    Why don’t *you* have a copy?

    A contract is just that. You signed it, and are now bound by whatever was in the contract, just as the other signer is bound.

    If you quit, I wouldn’t be surprised if a copy of the contract magically appears, and at that point you can be sued for breach of contract. Exactly what penalties are covered will be in that contract…