How much would you be willing to pay for a designer t-shirt? Like Abercrombie and Fitch or Jack Wills etc…..?

It’s for a school project and will give best answer! Please put value in £ or $ and convert to £ please.

I have 3 Abercrombie t-shirts and a Jack Wills t-shirt and I paid £30 for each!

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20 Responses to “How much would you be willing to pay for a designer t-shirt? Like Abercrombie and Fitch or Jack Wills etc…..?”

  1. blondie Says:

    The most i’ve ever paid for just a t shirt,was £115.It was worth it,I mean great brands are worth it. :]
    I checked all my shopping receipts.


  2. Ashley J Says:

    Idk but its 30 ior 20 dollors idk how much in£

  3. i. am. insane. don't. touch. Says:

    you’d have to PAY ME to advratize for a company

  4. Harley Says:


  5. Emi62 Says:

    10$. How much is 30 pounds in dollars? 15$?

  6. run baby run dont ever look back Says:

    i would pay well over 50 for both dollar and pound, the quality is there so why not 🙂

  7. men5232899 Says:

  8. SungRyu Says:

    $150.00 for Emporio Armani t shirt

  9. Lulu Says:

    Before I answer this, I want to let you know that Abercrombie & Fitch, etc, is not designer.
    Now that’s cleared up, I would pay 20 american dollars for a tee-shirt at one of these stores.

  10. german shepherd girl Says:

    I’d pay anything for a designer shirt.

  11. BABY Says:

    if it was just a PLAIN tshirt with their logo like

    but if their was a design or print or differnt type of design’id pay

  12. Baby Face Says:

    I would pay up to a maximum of $200.00 or £143.46000

  13. Shawna(: Says:

    40 USD.

    idk how to translate to £

  14. leena. (: Says:

    Depends on how they are. If they really are cute, $30

  15. peacefrogs97 Says:

    Nothing. Unless it was REALLY cute but other wise nothing. Most of there stuff always has there name on it which is stupid. Thats all thats on there and I think thats just really stupid. MY OPINION PEOPLE!

  16. Sherin Says:

    My dad bought me an A&F t-shirt for £30 and its just too much. At most, I’d pay £15 for a t-shirt, and even then only if its very good. I just tend to stick to the £7.99 from h&m or somewhere.

  17. Katy M Says:

    in £ prolly 5-10 i shop clearance sections and its just a t-shirt so 30 is too much

    and there is no quality, its just a t shirt made the same way as the cheap ones the only difference is it has an embroidered name woo hoo

  18. Equus Says:

    Abercrombie is not designer, it’s just expensive. I wouldn’t pay a single dollar for a tee shirt that says abercrombie on it. They have 30 of the same shirts with the same writing in different colors, and I don’t want to advertise for them.

    That being said, I do love designers. For a tee shirt, I’m willing to pay $100, but that’s it because it’s only a tee shirt. Idk how many £ that is, I’m sorry.

  19. Vee (: Says:

    Hmm $15 dollar’s for a tee shirt because they are so damn thin and rip in the wash. Your better off sending me to hollister which is cheaper..

    and I wouldn’t call abercrombie desinger, Ralph Lauren, is more designer.

  20. NY2981 Says:

    US$150 = Euros 108.54