How many FOUR LOKOS wills gaurantee a trip to the ER but not death?

Can’t wait till 11 for one hell of a night. Please respond by that time or else i may be dead

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    7 Responses to “How many FOUR LOKOS wills gaurantee a trip to the ER but not death?”

    1. Lee Says:

      You can’t guarantee a trip to the er AND guarantee not dying. So which you want more, to go the hospital or not die?

      and why the hell you wanna drink yourself so sick you gotta go to the er? I love drinking but thats just fucked up

    2. agoatbitmyslangtermfordonkey Says:


    3. hailey21111111111111111 Says:

      Wow your crazy, i’m drinking a bit right now. Anyways you would probably die, so don’t try it and if you do survive you will feel like shit!

    4. Mick Vicious Says:

      As your attorney I advise you to drink your ages’ worth, and you’ll feel a powerful lust for red salmon. Jesus god almighty, don’t forget the golf shoes man!

    5. Nick Lanese Says:

      that isnt even funny. that stuff is very potent and they are trying to outlaw it. if you drink more than a whole one and then add other alcohol, you could seriously die. do not drink more than like a half.

    6. ~Kristina~ Says:

      each one has the equivalent of like 4 beers… it has a 12% alcohol content and is loaded with caffeine ingredients.. it is actually not even safe and being banned at many college campus’s….

    7. nicholas b Says:

      you ought to try just like 5 to be honest. i can take down three and be fucked up. four would be blackout drunk, and five would be alcohol poisoning. if you drink them fast.