How does one void an employment contract with a school district in South Carolina?

I haven’t even taught there yet. The contract was for next school year(’07-’08). Three days after signing, I received an offer for a dream job. I wrote a request to nullify the contract, but the school district I signed with says they will let me know when they fill the position before they release me. I don’t know how long I can wait before signing on with the new employer. I cannot legally or ethically sign the new contract until I am officially released from the first one. Are they able to hold me in limbo like this? Do I have any rights that should allow me to void the contract? The district has over 3 months to find someone to take my place before the school year starts. This is a very reputable district. The subject is not a critical needs subject. The new position I wish to take is not a classroom teaching job. I’m not making a parallel move from one district (school) to another. This new job is MUCH more conducive to my personal and professional goals.

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One Response to “How does one void an employment contract with a school district in South Carolina?”

  1. fr_chuck Says:

    You contract would have and list what happens if you default in the contract, If they wait till they find someone, interviews, offers and the such.

    But you can read the contract and see what you have to pay to get out of the contract