How does law enforcement check employment history?

I am applying with a police department but I am wondering if I should leave off an employer that I worked for for 3 months. It was a friend who I worked for who would give me a bad Reference cause we don’t speak anymore. Does anyone know how most police departments verify work history??

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3 Responses to “How does law enforcement check employment history?”

  1. JVee Says:

    You’re better off including the information, and explain it later (or include a brief note if there’s space that’ll allow it….."employer was a former friend, and I left in undesirable terms".

    Allow the background investigator to determine if it’s an issue or not.

    Not disclosing it will show that "you have something to hide" (simply be honest). Honesty is what’s expected of any potential candidate/law enforcement officer.

  2. AgriCult Says:


  3. Rock Firestorm Says:

    They will do a very thorough employment history search so leaving that off will cause you to not get the job. Trust me, you do not want to do this.