How big is a size 14 Jack Wills Hoodie?

I’m only a size 8 but I just bought a size 14 jack wills hoodie in the sale because I hate really small hoodies. But do you think a size 14 is going to be massive on me?

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2 Responses to “How big is a size 14 Jack Wills Hoodie?”

  1. Lara Says:

    it might be a bit to big but hoodies are better big..
    you’ll have them longer and you dont have to worry about them shrinking..

    my friend has tons of jack wills hoodies and she buys them all in reaally big sizes and there gorgeous….
    if it is too big dont worry just wear skinny jeans or leggins with it..

  2. izzieee:) Says:

    it might be a bit big, and it wont last, when you wash them, the elastic goes baggy so they only really last 4 months in good condition. and also once you wash them they get baggy so a 8 or 10 would have been better xx