Find a lawyer specializing in employment law for insurance broker.?

I’ve filed with the State of Illinois for age discrimination against my former employer – an insurance agency. I’ve also filed with the labor board because my former employer would not send me documentation on my final paycheck which is commission based. They just sent me a net check and didn’t tell me how they derived the check amount.

I want to find a lawyer that understands how insurance agents are paid. I am in Property & Casualty and my commission are sometimes from 2 or 3 months in the past because of the way the company collects the premiums.

Does anyone know of a good resource to find a lawyer with experience in insurance? I can find them who are experienced on the "employer’s" side but not the "employee’s" side.

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One Response to “Find a lawyer specializing in employment law for insurance broker.?”

  1. Debbie Parks Says:

    The state labor board or insurance commission should be able to help you.