Ending an Employment Contract before fulfilling the Job?

I am being told to pay a large amount of $ because I did not serve the full 3 years of my employment contract. The amount of $ is supposedly supposed to cover the "training" of my job, and it is around 9K. I left the job because there were health related issues that occurred because of the job, and now they are telling me to pay up. Can I do anything about this?

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2 Responses to “Ending an Employment Contract before fulfilling the Job?”

  1. cyanne2ak Says:

    Maybe. You need to read your contract VERY carefully. Take a copy of it to an attorney who specializes in labor relations. This really depends on the contract itself.

  2. Kengem Says:

    I agree. It will depend on the agreed to specifics. Leaving the job because of job-related issues is a separate topic.