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Employment law is something that has the potential to affect any one who is an employer or employee of a business, at any time during their life.  It is a complex area of law that continually undergoes changes as individuals’ rights and legislation develops. To understand one area of employment law may be possible but to try and understand all relevant areas, all nooks and crannies of employment law would be very difficult. Statistics suggest that the majority of us will at some point through our working career come across areas where employment law is relevant. Understanding the potential route to take within this can be a difficult undertaking. The process can be made much simpler by the use of an experienced employment law solicitor.

Employment law solicitors can make what seems a muddled and complex area much easier. Solicitors in the specialism of employment law, have extensive experience in handling matters on behalf of both employers and employees in all areas of employment law.

There is a vast array of areas in employment law that any individual may be able to have a case for an employment tribunal. The following show a list of the areas that solicitors in the area frequently deal with:

• Unfair dismissal: This refers to the actions of the employer in terminating the employees contract for any unfair reason, solicitors are well equipped with experience dealing with such issues.

• Employment rights: There are vast areas under employment rights both for the directors of a company, the managers and the employees themselves.

• Health and safety: All precautions and procedures must be in place and understood by everyone involved in a business otherwise claims can be made here.

• Workplace discrimination at all levels, sex, race, age and disability.

• Redundancy: Solicitors often have to deal with claims of unfair redundancy. Legitimate redundancy cannot be claimed upon.

• Gross misconduct: Solicitors here deal with the actions of individuals within a business.

• Maternity issues: This covers all areas within maternity, whether maternity leave or maternity pay.

• Disciplinary proceedings: The disciplinary proceedings within employment must be of a set standard, any disciplinary proceedings outside the usually norm can be brought in form of the employers tribunal, through the help of a solicitor.

It is unexpected for an employer or employee to have a vast knowledge in the area of employment law, if any at all. It seems ridiculous to me that employers need not have any knowledge of employment law to start up a business and employ people. It is something that is meant to just be picked up as they go along. However, in such a legal complex field where claims can be made from all angles, I would certainly want to have a relative knowledge base before employing people in to my business.

The fact that both employers and employees will rarely have any understanding of the ins and outs of employment law results in the substantial need for an employment solicitor. If a claim to the employment tribunals is to be successful, the advice and expertise of an experience solicitor is essential.

It is important to remember that under employment law it isn’t just the employees that can make a claim. This is a common misconception. The employers are able to make claims against the actions of their employees too, should this be the case. Whatever the situation, the advice is to always deal with any employment problems with the assistance of a solicitor. It will make the process simpler and more efficient and much less stressful for the individuals involved.

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