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Only a few decades ago, there was little if any legal protection afforded to employees. During this period of time, employee’s treatment, whether good or bad, was at the discretion of business owners and managers. Working conditions were often poor; health and safety regulations were loose and in many cases not enforced, while the majority of workers would not be receiving any benefits, such as insurance or compensation.

With the advent of the industrial revolution which created a movement of urban sprawl, those who were residing in rural areas relocated in massive numbers to urban centres to take advantage of the emerging employment opportunities. As the numbers of workers increased due to increasing demand driving the growing economy, the conditions of the workplace declined rapidly. The government stepped in and implemented some protection for the workers, which formed the basis of modern employment law.

Employment law provides the legal framework for the treatment of employees from those charged with the responsibility for their management. Employment law clearly establishes and stipulates fair wages, acceptable working conditions and hours, treatment of employees and procedures for hiring, disciplining and releasing staff from their contracts. Employment law additionally covers against discrimination in the workplace, based on a range of circumstances including sex, age, race and religion.

Employment lawyers are experienced legal practitioners who practice in the areas of employment law. Their services are required in various forms in respect to employment cases, varying from dispute resolution to legal representation. In situations where employees feel they have been unfairly dismissed, it is important to access the correct information pertaining to your legal rights and the correct procedures that need to be taken to raise your concerns.

Unlawful or unjustified dismissal refers to the situation whereby an employee feels they have been incorrectly terminated from their position of employment; whether as a result of lack of the specified notice of termination or severance in lieu of notice, not following the correct disciplinary procedures, or in absence of evidence of the reason for dismissal. It does not matter what the reason for the dismissal is, there are certain procedures which must be followed by law. If employees feel that this procedure of employment law has not been followed or the reason for dismissal is not genuine, there may be a case for filing a grievance for unfair dismissal. If an employee finds themselves in this situation, it is imperative that they access the correct information pertaining to their rights provided under employment law.

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