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In employment law there are a huge variety of different legal jobs available. Legal jobs can be found in several sectors of employment law, such as; within the employment tribunals services or through the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Services (ACAS). There is a great need for employment solicitors at the moment because of the rising number of legal employment issues; this is good news for law graduates who are seeking legal jobs that specialise in employment law.

As there are various areas of employment law to practice it is very important for those that are interested in employment law and legislation to find their main area of focus, it’s no good trying to cover all areas as there is too much to know for one person. As a employment solicitor you will need to consider the legal rights of both employees and companies to get an all around involvement with the sector. Employment solicitors can work across several different areas, these can include; employee and employer rights, working regulations, duties and obligations, and contractual disputes.


Junior lawyers will be able to become involved with many aspects employment law, these could include; researching, meeting with a clients, and attending court proceedings.

In order to become successful in employment law, it is vital that you can work in a challenging, fast paced, and changing environment. There have been a lot of recent changes made to employment law, which has caused a higher demand for specialist solicitors.

Below you will find a few examples of legal jobs that can be found within employment law:

• work related disciplinary matters

• advertising on grievance matters

• redundancy programme advice

• property sales and purchase litigation

It is very important to realise that employment law legal proceedings can sometimes damage reputations, an individual’s as well as a company’s. This will usually occur within employment tribunal litigation, which is why it is essential that if you are seeking a career in employment law, you should ensure you have exceptional interpersonal and negotiating skills that can assist you in finding the best solution to a dispute.

These are some of the kind of attributes that employment solicitors should have to be successful;

• The ability to be flexible and work well under pressure.

• Great organisation skills so you can adjust to complications and changing environments.

• Excellent research skills that allow you to adapt to the constantly changing employment laws and legislation.


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