employment law?

I just received a job offer, But they insisted I show them my last two pay stubs. They said this keeps them competitive. I do not feel comfortable with this. My question is. Is this legal? Can they ask this of me?

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3 Responses to “employment law?”

  1. judirose2001 Says:

    Let them know that you are not comfortable giving out personal information like that. Ask them why knowing what you made makes them competitive. I think that’s bull. You don’t have to show them. It’s like someone asking you to show them your bank account. It’s nobody’s business.
    I have never asked my employees to see their last pay stubs when I hired them.

  2. reel tur Says:

    The question is "how bad do you want the job"? If you don’t want to show paystubs…then don’t? I would ask why they feel this keeps them competitive. What are they really looking for? Wether or not you went to work often..? Frankly I fail to see how this can make them competive. You either pay me what you are going to pay me and I will decide if I am willing to accept. Secondly, what you made is not necessarily what the company was paying everyone…was it? Sounds like something else is up here. They can actually go on the internet and research pay for the type of business that they are competing with.

  3. jpbofohio Says:

    They want to see your pay stubs because they want to pay a little more than you were earning before; they do not want to pay a great deal more than you made previously.

    They want to see the last two stubs because the last stubs may have severance pay or vacation hours included and would be higher than your normal paycheck.

    It is up to you if you are comfortable showing them the stubs. I have never been asked this question before. Nosy questions like this one starts you off badly. What will they ask of you next?