employment law?

What are my rights…
I am in retail management(hourly not salary) and last week I took a week of paid vacation. Payroll wasn’t keyed for me and I left messages Mon and Tues for payroll office letting them know the problem.

Yesterday I spoke to payroll and she said sorry payroll was keyed monday and that I would have to wait until the next pay period for my check(another 2 weeks from this Friday!)

I spoke with my district manager who emailed payroll and they are going to pay me however it wont be tomorrow and she isn’t sure exactly when. What can I do???

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3 Responses to “employment law?”

  1. Judy Says:

    Probably not much, since paid vacation is a benefit, not a legal right. But keep on them, they probably could write a manual check if they’re willing to do so. Be polite, don’t yell at anybody over it, and let them know you really need the money asap, and maybe they’ll bend.

  2. Holly Says:

    If payroll was already submitted there really is nothing that you or the payroll department can do. Be appreciative that they are giving you the week’s paid vacation and try to be patient. Some things are actually beyond their control.

  3. Steve in Kansas City Says:

    Most payroll departments have the ability to create manual checks or express checks for things they need to pay before the next payroll cycle.

    Now, whether they will do this for you or not is another question.

    They are not withholding your paycheck, it is just delayed due to clerical error, so you really have no legal recourse at this time.