employment law?

I was given a promotion over a year ago, but was never given a new contract/salary to match it. Now the position is being advertised, as the title (but not the job description) has changed and it was not originally advertised, and I have to reapply. What are my rights if it is given to someone else?

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2 Responses to “employment law?”

  1. SAWGIRL Says:

    none at all unless you have a contract signed that states your terms of service. You should have asked for the salary increase when you got the promotion. Since you have been acting in that position for the past year and the company is looking for someone to fill it now and has not offered the position to you officially you should ask your supervisor why and tell him that you want the position. There is some reason they are looking for another person they might be requiring 2 people instead of just you or they may be changing your job responsibilities they may have given you the position as a temporary job until they could get a more qualified person to fill it. either way if they do hire someone else you have no legal right to the job and there is nothing you can do .

  2. bigbucks11 Says:

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