Employment law?

The company I work for is not reaching its financial goals for the year. Since our vacation and sick time hit a different line on our profit and loss statement, they are forcing us to take our vacation and sick time. Is is legal? It is in the state of Florida.

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4 Responses to “Employment law?”

  1. Jim Bo Says:

    I would take the time and LOOK for another job. The future of this one doesnt hold a lot of promise.Taking as much as I can as soon as I can, once they go bankrupt…you’ll never see a penny of what you are owed. Ever hear of Enron.

  2. Mary B Says:

    Yes, because vacation and sick time is a benefit and there is nothing in the law that states that ANY company has to give you ANY sick or vacation time.

  3. Squat1 Says:

    Vacation and sick time are not covered by any Federal Law.

    Take it, you earned it.

  4. Judy Says:

    The alternative would be for them to just cut your hours, and then you wouldn’t get paid for the hours that were cut. By having you take your accrued paid time off, they are letting you continue to get paid. Sounds like they are doing something to benefit you.