Does Blackwater accept law enforcement for employment or contract?

I’ve been in law enforcement for 5 years doing basic patrol and S.W.A.T. I wanted to find out if Blackwater accepts experienced law enforcement with no military background. I also have the following criteria that may help

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security. I speak fluently in Spanish and French. I have completed advance hand to hand combat training. I also have extensive knowledge of weapons. I am in perfect health and physical condition.

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6 Responses to “Does Blackwater accept law enforcement for employment or contract?”

  1. Army guy Says:

    Oh yeah I had a friend that was in law enforcement thay ask him if he would like to go in Blackwater…S.W.A.T will look good

  2. Pfo Says:

    You would probably be a good candidate, but I don’t know if I’d be anxious to join them what with all the criticism being levied at them. Then again, I lack all qualifications to join them anyway. Just my $0.02

  3. Stephen L Says:

    Your best bet is to direct your question to Blackwater.

    Here is a secure link to their online application. It’ll only cost you a few moments to fill out and submit.

    Good luck.

  4. Gunner Rossco Says:

    I read it on their website ages ago. The standard experience requirements are:

    – 4 years military, preferably in elite/special forces
    – 8 years law enforcement with time in SWAT or HRT type groups

  5. mevadus Says:

    Gunner Rossco has the answer.

  6. axsooted Says:

    did all the positive things you’ve been hearing peak your interest?