Does anyone know about employment law?

I have alot of issues with my employer…..I need to know if I have a leg to stand on.
Can an employer give fringe benefits to one employee and not the others?
The new Ledbedder law, how far is that going back?

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12 Responses to “Does anyone know about employment law?”

  1. firewomen Says:

    You are going to have to provide more details for a correct answer.

  2. Hardey Boy Says:

    Uh, sure.

  3. IgnoranceIsYou Says:

    Your state has a labor board…call them.

  4. Dave87gn Says:

    you should have just asked the question, we could have answered it

  5. Chukoo Says:

    Unless the issues are discrimination due to sex, age, ethnicity or religion, there is nothing you can do but leave and go somewhere else.

  6. Robert Wilkins Says:

    Most states can fire you for little or no reason, and some require no justification at all for termination.

  7. Wayne J Says:

    yeah sure, i work for a law firm.
    ok what they have done is legal yes, the ledbedder law would only apply if you were both doing the same job for the same aount of time.

  8. Brandie C Says:

    UM NO SORRY i know this economy is tough right now thanks to bush but it will be fine soon

  9. <3 Says:

    Certainly you do. Of course it depends where you live. I work in that area but live in Canada. Here, we use the Ontario Ministry of Labour (yes we spell it with a u :D) but if you are in the states you should have a local Labor bord that lists regulations online and will provide help telephone lines if you feel like you are being taken advantage of in any way as an employee. Good luck!

  10. Kiki Says:

    look in your employee handbook and find out procedures you need to take. I’m sure there is policy on whatever you are facing.

  11. John M Says:

    yes and you would need to give the state and major city. All states have employment laws and their are Fed. level guild lines also.

    most states you have to be 14 or older to work,
    you have to be paid from the time your told to report to work and until you leave or clock out.
    wages are different in each state. some states are called Right to Work States. that means,, you may have a min. pay, but you can quit anytime you want. And the employer can let you go for any reason.

    it can also mean, you have only the Fed. law for base pay and nothing else. holiday pay, vacation, and benefits are al up to the employer and you to negotiate before you start work. unions have all of this and more for you.

  12. Kimberly H Says:

    Your question is vague at best. How can anyone possibly tell you what your options are without knowing the problem?

    Listen, every state has a Labor Board. Find yours. Call them. Ask them this vague question.