Do most non-unionized American workers have employment contracts.?

why or why not?

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    2 Responses to “Do most non-unionized American workers have employment contracts.?”

    1. mukwonago53149 Says:

      No. You need to keep in mind that only 25% of the workforce has a college education. That means that the other 75% are working at jobs like McDonalds, Walmart, etc. Those places don’t really pay too well and see their workers as a commodity. They don’t care if they loose them or not because they are easily replaced.

      Now, the other 25% of the jobs are somewhat decent. I have one of those jobs actually. The pay isn’t amazing, but it’s better than working at Walmart. I don’t know anybody in my position that has an employment contract. Basically they say here’s what you’re going to do and this is what we pay you for doing that. I say okay. All my coworkers are the same.

      The only jobs that have employment contracts are for very high level positions like CEO’s or specialized type work (music artists, singers, actors, etc). Also, some people that are privledged to special information like a scientist working on the cure for a new cancer drug or something might have a contract. Those number of jobs are small compared to the rest of the jobs.

    2. geek31459 Says:

      It depends on the individual state laws. Without checking, I think most states are (like California) "at will" states, so no, there is no employment contract. You can be fired/layed off for any reason or no reason (other than the federally protected ones of Race, Gender, Age, etc). On the flip-side, you can also quit for any reason or no reason.

      For a state having an "at will" law obviously helps businesses, since it allows them to restructure when things go bad. In practice, it also benifits the employees, who don’t have to give a reason why they took a better job offer.