Interior Designers of washrooms in workplaces have some legal requirements to abide by

Most workplace facilities are governed by rigorous health and safety legislation, everyone is familiar with personal workspace in the office; computer height etc and washrooms and toilet facilities are no different and over the last few years have become incredibly strict. This is why you need to look for a good interior designer to help you get things right.

Some guidelines are not fixed but those listed below are what they must provide:

      • Enough and suitable toilets and washbasins
      • Toilets and washbasins at readily accessible places
      • Separate facilities for men and women, except in a single, lockable toilet which can be used by only one person at a time
      • Clean facilities which are kept in good condition
      • Good lighting and ventilation
      • Hot/warm and cold running water
      • Soap
      • A basin which is large enough to wash hands (and forearms if necessary)
      • Hand drying facilities
      • Showers where necessary

The guidelines do go further and under statute law washrooms must include the following ratios:

  • A minimum number of toilets for employees: 1 for 1-5 people, 2 for 6-25 and so on. More may be needed to avoid undue delay e.g. if breaks are taken at set times
  • privacy for users, including a lock on individual doors, not being able to see into the toilets when exit/entrance doors are opened and obscured windows to prevent people being able to look in from the outside
  • disposal facilities for sanitary dressings (for female employees)
  • toilet paper in a holder or dispenser
  • a coat hook on toilet doors

For companies designing washroom facilities and acting as consultants on this, it is all in a day’s work. They can not only ensure that the correct number of toilet cubicles per staff member is provided but can also advise on the most efficient hand dryers, lavatory paper dispensers, hand towel dispensers and a raft of other very important things such as the most environmentally friendly water cistern the most durable cubicle design for different part of the building whether in a factory environment or office environment.

Combining the right ratio of toilets, positioning of doors, as well as designing functional and stylish toilets that contain aesthetically pleasing sanitary ware is a must in the modern world of custom washrooms and their design. Washroom cubicles and the positioning of toilet roll dispensers can make the difference between a successful design and a design that misses the mark.

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