Dangerous dog laws are not good enough say Hull solicitors

Hull solicitors have remarked that laws on dog ownership need to be improved. And they are not the only ones that think so as animal charities, law enforcement agencies and unions back the call for laws to be changed.
Charities have released a statement that called the current legislation “inadequate” and demanded that the government protect the public and dogs by introducing up to date legislation.

This is all in response to a three-month consultation paper on dangerous dog, conducted by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
The statement said: “We believe that irresponsible dog ownership, whether it is allowing dogs to stray, be dangerously out of control or indiscriminately breeding them, causes significant problems for the safety and welfare of both humans and animals.

“Current legislation is proving inadequate in many cases to ensure sufficient protection.

“We believe that both the provision of sufficient resources at a local level for local authorities and the police, and updated and consolidated legislation that has a genuine preventative effect, are needed to address this problem.

“We call on the coalition government to act and bring forward legislation that addresses these areas effectively.”

In March 2010, the Government launch a consultation paper to establish “views on whether current legislation relating to dangerous dogs adequately protects the public and encourages responsible dog ownership.”

This paper finished in June.

A Government spokesman said: “We take the issues around irresponsible dog ownership, including the health and welfare of dogs, very seriously.

“We received more than 4,000 responses to the consultation and we are carefully considering all responses before deciding on future action.”
Statistics show that nearly half a million people suffer from an attack or bite but only 650 convictions actually occur each year.

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